Refund Policy

Our Small Claims Arizona offers a clear and fair refund policy that balances the needs of the business with the needs of the clients along with complying with relevant laws and regulations set by the our company. The refund policy for a small claims, demand letter, and name change services by our company would depend on several factors, including the specificservices offered, the terms and conditions agreed upon with the customer and applicable company refund policy.

Our Small claims and demand letter services DO NOT offer refund policy since these services are typically completed once they have been filed. However, we may offer a refund if the service was not completed as agreed upon or if there were errors in the service provided. Moreover if you wanted to back out soon after filing a case then we will refund you with the amount you paid within the time span of 24 hours. So we are hereby clearly mentioning that if you want to cancel your case soon after filing it then you have to ask for refund within 24 hours otherwise we will cancel your case and won’t refund.

For name change services, our company will only offer a refund if the name change is not approved by the relevant government agency or if there are errors in the application process on behalf of our team.

After we receive and examine your request of refund, we will inform you about whether the refund has been approved or not. In case of approval, the refund will be automatically processed through your original payment method. Moreover please keep in mind that it may take some time for your bank or Credit Card Company to complete the refund transaction. We will notify you as soon as the refund has been processed.

What if my demand letter is not delivered? Can I ask for refund?

Demand letter is usually not delivered due to bad address of the defendant. It is therefore very important that even before filing a demand letter or small claims case; please make sure to find the best and servable address of the defendant. We do verify the address before sending the demand letter or small claims papers but providing us with the serviceable address of the defendant is purely client’s responsibility. So if your letter is undelivered then you cannot ask for refund as you would have availed the service of drafting and sending of demand letter or small claims documents via our defined services.

Can I ask for refund if the demand letter or service documents sent back to me?

The demand letter or any other small claims usually reach back to you firstly due to non servable address of the defendant and secondly if the defendant willingly ignores the service. In such instances you cannot be refunded in fact you will be guided by our learned team to precede your case in the small claims court as defendant is willingly ignoring to pay you the claimed amount.

In how much time can I apply for refund?

You have to apply for refund soon after filing your case. Upon your timely request, we will cancel your case and refund you with the paid amount accordingly.

In how much time period my refund would be facilitated?

If you cancel your case right away after filing it then our team will contact you within the time span of 24 hours and you will be notified with your refunded amount soon.