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How To File A Small Claim in Arizona

Small claims fall under the demanded amount of $10,000 if the claimant is an individual, and under the demanded amount of $5,000 if the claimant is a firm or corporation. Small claims cases in Arizona are known to be rather simple, require less time to resolve, and do not cost must when paying the issue fees. These involve all claims that fall under the issues regarding debt payment delays, insufficient/failed services provided to you, failed or damaged goods, personal injuries, landlord/tenant issues and delayed loan repayments. A small claim can either be filed through the nearest court or through completing an online form which can be obtained on the Arizona's website.

File Small Claim in Arizona

First and foremost, you must make sure your claim falls in the range according to your situation. You must be able to effectively recall the details of the incident, and have evidential support. The presence of a professional is not required, but it is not discouraged if you get in touch with a professional in the city to help you with the procedure and details of the case. In Arizona, you can find some of the best professionals to guide you through this.

In Arizona, you can fill out the statement of a claim online or through a small claims agency. Before making this decision, it is advisable that you and the defending party solve this matter outside the court. A bit of mediation and negotiation won't hurt, and will, in fact, save a lot of time and money. Even if small court cases are rather short and simple, they still are a procedure to go through and will have their ups and downs. If in any case, both parties refuse to compensate, then you can file the small claim in Arizona.

To file a small claim, you must fill out the complaint form, consisting of the details about the claimant and the defendant, details of the incident, reasons for the claim, and the amount wanted. Your defendant will be notified about the claim and sent a copy of the statement of claim. During this period, if the case is resolved, the procedure will not be moved to court, which is a very good thing to happen. If the defendant fails to respond within twenty service days you will win the case. Easy and simple.

Arizona Small Claim Court

It is usually required for both you as the claimant and the defendant to be present at the hearing. Professionals are not allowed during the hearing. The trial date is final, and cannot be postponed under any circumstances. This means you have to be present at the court on that day. You and the defending party both have to present your respective arguments in front of the judge or a court clerk, who will make a decision, based on which various methods of enforcement can be implemented. If you win the case, you will be awarded the claimed amount. The defendant is not required to pay up immediately but can be held accountable if they do not pay you the demanded amount in a certain time period.

You can find the right guidance through small claims firms all over Arizona. Guidance can get you through your small claims case rather easily. The professionals in Arizona will provide you the best guidance to smoothly go through your small claims case. 


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